No company can make a real change for being responsible without Responsible Leadership.

The good news is that there are still more responsible leaders in top management. But if there is a lack of full understanding and support from below, from middle management, it´s often a struggle with windmills for them. In addition, standard leadership delelopment programs are not focused onto responsibility and there is often lack of the potential for real change in mindset and behavior.

That´s why we have built the first program of responsible leadership for middle management (not only) in the Czech Republic that will be launched next year.

Do you need a critical mass in your company to think differently? The Responsible Leadership program has a huge potential to help your business effectively move the mindset of key people in the right direction and awake a responsible leaders in them. All this while maintaining respect for profitability.


Happy Bags are our common baby with FOREWEAR. We are happy we were at the very beginning although its already living its own live.

The main idea of Happy Bags is: „Let´s exchange all the one-off wine bags in the Czech Republic for more beautiful, more sustainable and more responsible ones.“

More about the Happy bags...


We support each activity promoting sustainable and responsible approach to our environment.

That´s why we really like the product of the Association of Social Responsibility, the Catalogue of Sustainable Gifts.

Find more about cooperation here.


To change a corporate culture it means you have to change the mindset and behaviour of adults. Each of us already has our own tracks/ways, whether we realize it or not. And it´s really hard to jump out of them finally.

So we welcome and support any activity that develops the values of sustainability before one enters the world of adults.

Xflow has a goal to help students find the right direction of their career path. It means not only to help them find the right companies where they really have something to learn but also help companies create an environment where possible.

As a result it means supporting responsible company culture as well as a responsible mindset for students.

More about xflow.cz


We hardly try to change people´s mindset towards responsible behavior, towards each of other, towards our planet and ourselves. Changing the mindset will create the conditions, provide the necessary knowledge and skills, and therefore hope and energy for change. We try to ensure people and companies they are not only interested in themselves but also in others. More for those who really need it!

This is what exactly the international organization Mary’s Meals does. Mary’s Meals provides food for the poorest children in developing countries directly in the place of their education and thus changes their lives. Their project 2 Comenius feed and teach is simply genius. Only CZK 400 is enough to cover the cost of boarding one such child for almost a whole year.

And what is the most beautiful thing about it all? Mary’s Meals Czech Republic sends the whole 100% of this amount to them.

On this idea of Mary’s Meals, we appreciate the fact that children need to be fed primarily in order to be able to learn and educate themselves. Only because of it they will be able to take care of themselves, have the opportunity to participate in learning and everyday life, and thus move thir or our live further. So simple, so effective.

That´s why we decided to donate food for children for the whole year. You can learn more about our cooperation here.


We do not support consumption for consumption. We go the oposite way. We want to promote responsibility. For ourselves, for others, for the planet. That´s why we support Giving Tuesday. How?

Together with Mary’s Meals (one floor up :) we donate meals for you to children from the poorest developing countries for the whole year. You can learn more here. Or you can watch our challenge directly on the Giving Tuesday website.


COVID has become a part of our lives but that doesn´t mean help is no longer needed. The need for help is required more than ever before…

Spring 2020 we launched the Helping with Consequences program COVID – a free webinar to help people and companies who have started to struggle with a non-standard situation. Apparently, this situation will last at least until the middle of 2021, but rather even longer. And we are not talking about its economic implications.

Therefore we decided to help other ways – by connecting the capable and experienced ones with the people in need.

Are you a coach, consultant, lecturer with experineces in business, sales, marketing, management and you agree with everything that is written above? Let us know!

We are connected with many non-profit organizations and we can place your help well to charitable and non-profit organizations that need it.